Sunday, November 19, 2017
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When I think of a Christmas stocking, not surprisingly a stocking or sock comes to mind. After all, that’s what’s traditional. The custom started with children using their own stockings. And they’ve become a part of many knitters’ Christmas knitting. If you’re an experienced knitter, knitting a Christmas stocking is much like a sock. A bit larger of course, and you may use a heavier weight yarn with larger needles. If you’re not an experienced knitter, it can be frustrating. The heel requires short rows and picking up stitches for the instep. Then there are decreases,... (Read More ...)

Knitting and crocheting eco-friendly projects can be a great way to add to your home. You can recycle yarn by unraveling a completed project and reusing the yarn for something new. Got a sweater you never wear? Use the yarn to create a shrug, a bag or even as part of an afghan. By recycling yarn, you’re saving on new manufactured yarn. Natural fibers are also a way to go eco-friendly. Cotton and linen make great washcloths and fashion accessories.  Wool is super for socks and winter accessories like hats and scarves. You could dye your own yarn. Usually this works best with natural fibers. ... (Read More ...)

This week I picked up an unfinished pair of socks.  Actually, the first one. This past spring I started making a pair of acrylic socks, mostly to see how they knit up and wore.  Then I got sidetracked with other projects and didn’t get back to knitting. Knitting is a great stress reliever, and very soothing to the soul.  I hadn’t replaced my knitting with a similar activity, and this week realized how much I missed it. So what is the pattern? Well, it’s my own pattern. I love the way a 1×1 ribbing cradles my foot.  So I decided to knit the whole sock except the heel... (Read More ...)

The first knitted dishcloth patterns I created were when caring for my mother Clara. She liked cotton knit or crochet dishcloths, because they fit her hands better than woven ones. And the handmade ones also absorb water better. A couple of years ago I made one for Valentine’s Day, and last year submitted it to the 2015 Day by Day Knitting Calendar.  It along with my mitten Christmas tree ornament pattern were accepted. My writing knitting patterns started when my life was out of balance.  While considered part time, my position was 24/7 when my partner was off.  Most of the time, I covered... (Read More ...)

Tapestry crochet is a method of creating motifs in crochet by working with more than one strand of yarn at a time. This heart basket is an example of a small project using around 5 yards of yarn.      Other names for tapestry crochet include: Hard crochet Jacquard crochet Colorwork The pattern is available through Ravelry for $4.97. Click here to download your pattern now! To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving, Dr. Ina Ina Gilmore, M.D. Founder, and Ambassador of Caregiving at  (Read More ...)

Discover solutions to get past that knitting slump that’ll make you shout Bingo   For those that grew up with knitting, the entire process can seem calming, even meditative. But for those just starting out, frustration might be the first thing that comes to mind while they work their needles. Above picture from Blackberry Beads To fix this, here are some simple suggestions to keep things in perspective for the novice knitter. Start a Project That’s Fun Knitting doesn’t have to be work and it’s important that each project is done to be true to each person’s individual needs.... (Read More ...)

Norwegian TV is broadcasting a marathon session of making a sweater.  From shearing the sheep to spinning the yarn to knitting, all in 5 hours.           It’s not clear why this is presumed humorous to many online writers. Maybe they’ve never enjoyed watching someone spin yarn and knit a sweater? Or done it themselves? One of the TV stations in New York City used to broadcast a burning yule log during the Christmas holidays.  Is it so far fetched to still enjoy the simpler things on television? What do you think? Is this just funny, or a serious and welcome... (Read More ...)

Yes, I’m still knitting the Tropical Nights Shrug from one of the recent Cast On Magazine knitting patterns.  The body of the shrug is done.  The ripple edge lays flat.  Since it ran down the fronts and around the back, there were over 450 stitches per row.  So it took a while to complete. Because the yarn is acrylic, it doesn’t block like the original yarn.  The original blocking is a large open lace pattern.  This project is turning into a tighter lace pattern. Next up are the sleeves, and one is started. Please leave a comment about your favorite way to adapt knitting patterns... (Read More ...)

Do you find change knitting patterns on the fly? I started a variation of the Tropical Nights Shrug knitting pattern found in the May – July 2013 issue of Cast On. That’s the official publication of The Knkitting Guild Association. The original is made of wool sock weight yarn.  Knitting with wool in the heat of summer is not fun.  So I’m using Bernat Sox Yarn in the Crazy Hot colorway for the main color, and Faded Denim for the contrast. This sock weight yarn is acrylic, so will not block like wool.  I actually like the effect so far, because the open mesh is less open. The... (Read More ...)

Knitting podcasts intrigue me. The Knitting Yarn posts have been both audio and video podcasts for a couple of years now. And what other folks do with knitting podcasts is inspiring and interesting. Recently, I read the following post with recommendation for knitting podcasts, and thought you’d like to see the recommendations too. W.I.P.S and My Favorite Knitting Podcasts I have a few w.i.p.s going at the moment, namely one I have been working on for some time now and which I seem to drag my feet on getting done. It is my first foray into the sweater world, well actually it is a jacket... (Read More ...)