Sunday, November 19, 2017
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When I think of a Christmas stocking, not surprisingly a stocking or sock comes to mind. After all, that’s what’s traditional. The custom started with children using their own stockings. And they’ve become a part of many knitters’ Christmas knitting. If you’re an experienced knitter, knitting a Christmas stocking is much like a sock. A bit larger of course, and you may use a heavier weight yarn with larger needles. If you’re not an experienced knitter, it can be frustrating. The heel requires short rows and picking up stitches for the instep. Then there are decreases,... (Read More ...)

  When I was a kid, my dad always said that the longest day of the year was December 24.  Coming just three days after the shortest day of December 21, it can seem like an error. He was serious.  December 24 was the longest day of the year to kids, and  I suspect to our parents too.  And to a child it can seem like Christmas will never get here. Adults on the other hand often find Christmas coming faster than expected.  And the plans you had for Christmas gifts or home decorations may have needed revision to smaller projects.  Maybe more than once. 😉 If it seems like Christmas is... (Read More ...)

As I write this, Christmas seems a long way off.  It’s over two months until Christmas, yet I have an urge to begin my Christmas knitting. Some years I have been too busy to knit, and some just haven’t felt like Christmas much.  Last year I learned that sometimes even when you don’t feel like Christmas, is when you need it most.  Just like the song from Mame, “We Need A Little Christmas Now.” Last year I started knitting Christmas ornaments in December.  They actually helped me get ready for Christmas. Wondering how?  By knitting an ornament in the evening, it... (Read More ...)

This morning I finished a sock. It’s a pattern I’ve tweaked rather extensively.  It started as an Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen pattern.  I’ve made them before, but really didn’t care for the toe or the heel.  The original pattern called for a flat toe, with the ends woven with the Kitchener stitch.  And the heel is a saddle heel.  In looking for a toe that might be more comfortable, I came across a pattern in a needlework book from the 1940s.  It suggests a rounded toe can be made like a mitten. And you know what? I like it better! As I was casting on this... (Read More ...)

Wouldn’t it be nice to knit a Christmas stocking for each child in the family?  One that can be personalized for their favorite colors, names and more.  Hand knit Christmas stockings can easily become a Christmas tradition.  One you can’t buy in a store. They can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The patterns can be plain, stripes or even complex patterns reminiscent of Fair Isle knitting. Before last year, I never tackled Christmas stockings.  Then a friend suggested I create some.  And before I knew it I had three different versions! What are three reasons you should... (Read More ...)

One of the most popular knitting books this Christmas is a book for knitting Christmas decorations. Here’s one of the best reviews I read… 55 Christmas Balls to Knit: Colourful Festive Ornaments * Tree Decorations * Centrepieces * Wreaths * Window Decorations by Arne & CarlosSearch Press 2011ISBN: 978-1-84448-781-3   This book was first published in Norway in 2010 and was a huge hit. Under the title Julekuler it sold 37 000 copies, and was on the Norwegian bestseller list for four months. To follow up this success, versions of the book are now (October 2011) available in Finland,... (Read More ...)