Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Knitted baby booties are a fast fun project. A great way to use up odds and ends of yarn since they are such a small project.  They are portable projects you could take with you, like in a waiting room.  And often the stitches are fairly simple.  One fun project is booties that look like shoes. This pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn and is free.  You’ll need to log in to their free membership for the pattern, click here for the pattern. For more knitting project ideas, click here for your FREE membership. Join now and find out more about knitted baby booties. To your healthy and happy... (Read More ...)

A few years ago I started knitting socks with knitting instructions. I knit my first pair for my mother, who had trouble keeping her feet warm.  It was a challenge to find socks that fit her. The legs usually were too tight, even though her legs were slender. So, I started with a simple pattern, following its instructions.  They were top down socks, and I carefully tried them on her as I knit to be sure they would fit.  They did.  I made her three pair, including a lace pair. The ones that fit best were the ribbed legs, and 1×1 ribbing remains my favorite today. When I knit other patterns,... (Read More ...)

Wondering what is an easy loose cast off or bind off? Most beginners are taught a simple cast off, that often is not loose enough for sweater necks and tops of toe up socks.  It’s simple, but not helpful when you need a more elastic one. This became a health concern for me when knitting socks for my mother. While her legs were thin, her feet and lower legs would swell after sitting up a while.  And knitting socks with stretch that would stay up became my challenge. I ended up knitting a ribbed sock, and using a loose cast off.  I searched online and found one that worked.  Since then,... (Read More ...)

Today’s challenge for Day 5 of the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (a.k.a. 3KCBWDAY5) is to create a post that stretches your creativity, looking at a different way to present content on your blog.   Well, this one definitely was a challenge for me.  I’m not much into modern dance or poetry as the instructions suggested were options.  Well, I’ve used different methods already.  Most of my posts are converted to both video and audio.  And I’ve never posted one of them as a blog post.  The first video is the blog post, and the second is an updated version... (Read More ...)

March is National Craft Month.  And Joann Fabrics is celebrating all month long. As I wrote recently, I’m now a knitting and quilting instructor at my local Joann Fabrics and Crafts store.  It’s fun meeting and teaching other crafters.  And of course making the items for the classes is fun.  I wanted to make some of the projects, both to show some of the prospective students and have a better idea of what they need to learn in class to complete the project successfully.  And knitting along to show the next step is also fun, and helpful for the students. The scarf I just finished... (Read More ...)

Barbara wants to know how does she find the right pattern row after ripping out a lot?  She’s feeling frustrated with following a chart. Great question! And Barbara, congratulations on stretching yourself to try what sounds like a complex knitting chart! Been there, done that!  When starting to knit lace or any pattern with a knitting chart, it’s easy to get lost.  Especially when knitting with interruptions or to relieve stress. Some charts have over 20 rows of knitting in the pattern repeat.  Yikes! Is it any wonder knitters get frustrated? Many lace knitting instructions suggest... (Read More ...)

I have finished my first sock of 2012! And what I have decided is I’m working on my own version of a generic sock.  Right now it’s knit cuff down, because the arch shape seems to work best that way. The arch shape is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen’s “Arch-Shaped Stockings” pattern, available from Schoolhouse Press. My current interest in socks started while caring for my mother. In her later years, it was often hard to keep her warm.  And her feet in particular would get cold.  The socks available in the stores were seldom what she wanted, so I decided... (Read More ...)

Recently I finished a pair of socks. They are based on a pattern designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen.  The pattern is called Arch-Shaped Stockings.  And they are. The socks have an arch shape, and snugly fit the sole of your foot.   I have a high arch.  And despite what the so-called experts say about knitting socks, just adding extra length to the arch is not nearly as comfortable as the curved arch in these socks.  So the socks I knit from this pattern are among my favorites. I like a ribbed sock, because it hugs my leg and foot better.  And yes, you can alter patterns for... (Read More ...)

This week I’m knitting a Christmas stocking and pattern. Christmas stockings are interesting.  Basically they follow sock patterns and are often knit with larger needles and thicker yarn.  It can be plain or fancy.  This stocking is a top down pattern, so the toe has symmetrical decreases.  Every other row is a decrease row.  And each decrease row has four decreases.  Two are left slanted and two right slanted.  And because the yarn is heavier than sock yarn, I decided to add the decreases to my How To Knit Videos series. To see the left slanted decrease video, just leave a comment... (Read More ...)

The latest video in my How To Knit Videos is on using single crochet with knitted squares. And there’s an interesting story behind it.  You see, I made an afghan from a kit a few years ago. It is made of individual squares that are joined together into the whole afghan.  I knit it while caregiving.  The squares are a great way of knitting a large project without hauling the whole thing around. I think it’s now my favorite way to knit an afghan or blanket.  Although I can see making strips another option. Yes, I customized the knitting instructions. The original knitting instructions... (Read More ...)