Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Recently Kara asked where she can find free Nordic knitting techniques? I’ve found Nordic knitting techniques in books and patterns.  Free knitting techniques can be a challenge.  Nordic knitting is usually for intermediate and advanced knitters.  And finding free knitting patterns for a smaller audience can be challenging.  When you know where to look, it’s easier though…   Here are several places you can look… Sometimes you can find the techniques explained in knitting patterns. Another free source may be a library book on Nordic knitting. The largest selection... (Read More ...)

One of the challenges I’ve had as a knitter is getting the pattern’s gauge to match my swatch. I have this problem with following patterns – usually when I get the stitches per inch to match the gauge, the rows per inch don’t.  Probably because I knit loosely.  The other day I realized the pattern I planned to use just wouldn’t work with my knitting.  I couldn’t knit the yarn tightly enough to get close enough to the gauge for the pattern to fit. I could have been frustrated, but instead decided to redo the pattern with my gauge. I knit a swatch in the pattern,... (Read More ...)

Got knitting questions? Now you can get your questions answered whether you’re puzzled about how to knit, where to start or advanced questions you can get your questions answered here. Not a Free Member yet?  Get email notification of new posts and much more! Click here right now to join!  It’s fun, free and fiber-friendly! (Read More …)  (Read More ...)

When you buy enough yarn to finish a project, there’s often some left over. The alternative, however, is to not have enough yarn.  Which can be even more frustrating … especially if you’re trying to match dye lots.  Or, if you’re blessed with hand-dyed, maybe there is no more of that dye lot. After a project, sometimes there’s just not enough of a ball left to hold its shape.  Leaving it unwound invites all kinds of tangled messes before you can use it. For years, I rewound yarn the way I was taught as a child.  You may have been taught the same way: wind around... (Read More ...)