Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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I remember watching one of my aunts knit and crochet. When I saw her — usually at a family reunion — she had a smile on her face.  And it didn’t take much to get her to laugh. Although many would have considered her life challenging she always seemed joyful.  She knit and crocheted some of the most beautiful pieces . . . Image via Wikipedia When I think of the knitters and crocheters I’ve known over the years, many of them also seem to go through life happy and at peace.  I’ve often wondered if they knitted or crocheted because of its calming effects — or... (Read More ...)

Recently I bought a book on knitting dog sweaters, glanced at it, and set it aside. When you live in the South — and it’s the middle of summer — it’s hard to get excited about knitting sweaters, even for dogs! 😉 Then I learned a dear friend recently became suddenly critically ill. It was quite a shock to learn of her crisis, even after she’d started her recovery.  I knew she had a dog that she calls her “baby.”  So, I casually asked her if her baby could use a new sweater.  The answer was a very excited “Yes!” Well, I figured that was as good... (Read More ...)

Awhile ago, the center weight of my grandfather’s clock slipped off the chain, and the chain slipped off its sprocket wheel. The “how” isn’t important. I’m grateful no one was hurt — and there’s no permanent damage to the clock. If you’ve ever wound a grandfather’s clock, you know there are three chains with weights. The ones on the ends are for the chimes and striking mechanism. The center one runs the clock. And of course it’s the most difficult to reposition! Hard to impossible to reach with your fingers, and very limited room inside the... (Read More ...)

The knitting gauge or needle gauge tool is a handy addition to your knitting basket. Mine is yellowed with age, but still functional.  Since most of the patterns I need a gauge for give it in inches, the fact that mine has only inches is fine. I like the handy L-shaped window, through which 2 inches horizontal and vertical are clearly visible.  Why? Well,  it makes it easier to count horizontal stitches and vertical rows at one time.  Of course, you can still use the ruler and do one at a time.  Many times my gauge is only accurate in one direction anyway.  And if given the choice, I’ll... (Read More ...)

Does anything make a novice knitter cringe faster than talking about knitting gauges? They shouldn’t. Knitting gauges can be essential to following your knitting pattern directions.  An accurate knitting gauge prevents that adult size sweater from fitting only a child, or a giant. Knitting gauges are simple measurements that help knitters compensate for the normal variations in tension when knitting, and in differences in yarn.  Yes, normal variations. Knitters vary in how tightly or loosely they knit.  That’s okay.  It’s part of a hand knit garment.  There’s also a... (Read More ...)

Abbreviations can be useful, but also confusing. It took me awhile to figure out what LYS stood for.  Maybe it’s because I do most of my yarn shopping online.  Living in a rural area means there is no Local Yarn Shop.  Unless one considers 60-plus miles one way “local.” I don’t. So, my LYS (?LYSs) are online.  I’ve shopped online at Joann, Alpaca Direct, and The Sheep Shed Studio.  I like Joann’s selection of Caron One Pound yarn.  Especially when it’s on sale! 😉 It’s a nice acrylic yarn: soft not scratchy.  I’ve used it for making... (Read More ...)