Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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I used to think I was allergic to wool. Every time I used it, my fingers would itch and it felt very scratchy. 🙁 More recently, though I’ve found it’s not the wool: it’s the processing!  Some processed fibers still are too scratchy, but the lesser processed fibers work just fine.  Good thing too, or I wouldn’t have been able to finish my latest project. Here’s what’s left of two balls of handspun that wasn’t dyed. It’s from Brown Sheep Mills mill end roving, and is very soft to knit. Homespun yarn natural colors It was a real pleasure to knit... (Read More ...)

Yesterday’s mail brought me a treat: Vintage knitting issue I first learned about Piecework Magazine’s annual historical knitting issue while reading this Peacefully Knitting blog post about vintage knitting, which convinced me to subscribe. I called first to be sure they were still offering the historical issue with paid subscriptions. Which they were. Phew! 😉 Historical knitting is intriguing. It’s interesting to get a glimpse of how our ancestors dressed and lived. While they’re now silent, their knitting can still give us insight into their lives. I grew up with stories... (Read More ...)

As a child, I learned to knit. My knitting was a mixture of: what my mother taught me, what I learned from a knitting pamphlet, and my own invention. Amazingly enough, it worked. Actually, it worked quite well. That is, until I attempted circular knitting and lace. 😯 They were much less forgiving than knitting, purling, and even cables. Over the past few years I’ve been seeking new ways (for me) to cast on. In retrospect my original cast-on either never made it to the knitting manuals or I remembered it wrong. Which is probably why it was so difficult challenging. 😕 When I learned a... (Read More ...)

Have you recently had unusual challenges? Maybe it’s been the economy. Your family. Or the weather. So far this winter has been unusually cold here. It’s been 20 to 30 points below normal. Water frozen outside in the morning — and even the afternoon some days. This is the longest stretch of cold weather in this area in about a century. Of course, the cold weather brings it’s own challenges. Like, not one but two mice decided my dryer vent was a nice entrance into my warm house. At least I hope it’s only two! 😕 This week, my problems challenges became very small. The... (Read More ...)

Do you closely follow knitting instructions? Okay, I confess: my tendency is to knit the “perfect” item. The first time. Up tight knitter? Who me? 😕 Sometimes I follow the instructions exactly. And sometimes I adapt them as I knit. Following the knitting instructions exactly is not as important to me as the finished project. Ideally, I can try on a project while knitting, making adjustments as needed. Finishing a big project only to decide it doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit quite right — and can only be fixed by copious ripping and re-knitting — is not my idea of... (Read More ...)

When ready to bind off my first toe-up knee sock, I nearly didn’t. The knitting instructions for my socks said to “bind off loosely.”  With other projects, I’d been able to bind off loosely using one or two tried-and-true methods. A sock was different. No matter which method I tried, it just didn’t stretch enough to get it on around my heel, let alone over my calf.  I searched all my knitting instruction books without help.  None of them have toe-up sock, top-down hat or finger-down mitten knitting instructions. In reviewing this, it seems to be a fairly common dilemma.  Socks need... (Read More ...)

Honoring all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families who also served. Thank you.  (Read More ...)

Sprucey Lucy Knee High Socks free knitting pattern available from Wendy Knits. "Baby" enjoying his new sweater Follow-up to this post. Participating in Wordless Wednesday.  Well, it’s almost wordless! 🙂  (Read More ...)

This week I did something I’ve always wanted to try, but never did. You know, sometimes it’s nice to stretch yourself. While I’ve knit multiple colors of stripes, it’s only lately I’ve attempted more complicated color knitting. After I learned to knit holding one strand of yarn in my left and one in my right. I first learned (or more accurately taught myself) to knit with the yarn in my left hand. I’ve watched folks who knit with it in their right hand — including some knitting teachers who seem to think it’s the only knitting method. Frankly, after watching... (Read More ...)