Sunday, November 19, 2017
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My renewed interest in knitting socks started when my mother was ill.  Her feet were often cold.  She did not care for the local “store bought” socks.  And I kept  a watchful eye on her legs, as the sock legs often seemed too tight.  Even though her legs were quite thin. My sister suggested I knit mother a pair of socks.  And so I did.  I knit her knee-high socks, and carefully measured to have them fit comfortably.  Since then, I’ve gone on to knit other socks.  And found an interesting association with stress and knitting socks. When the leg of a sock takes less than 3 days of... (Read More ...)

Yesterday I attended an Open House for instructors at my local Joann Fabrics and Crafts Store. I realized late the night before that it would be a good idea to wear a knitted heart, since Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Don’t you think it’s a good idea for the knitting instructor to be showing Valentine crafts at the February Open House? I could not find the one I made a couple of years ago. 😳 No problem! I got out the pattern I created a couple of years ago and tweaked it. With only a few yards of yarn, I knit a heart in about 30 minutes. Rather than attaching it... (Read More ...)

Do you remember when? Each generation seems to have an event that changed everything.  My parents spoke about Pearl Harbor.  Everyone in their generation knew where they were when they heard the news.  Some of my older colleagues spoke about the assassination of President Kennedy the same way.  Both were events that shattered their respective generations’ feelings of safety. Just like the Challenger disaster shattered the feeling of safety in space in the early 1980s. And more recently the 9/11 attack in 2001. When attacked, crafters have always been part of supporting the heroes. ... (Read More ...)

One of the nice things about a knitted dishcloth pattern is its gauge usually doesn’t matter. Which is a blessing for me, because I’ve been known to rewrite patterns to match my gauge. Yes, really!  I knit loosely, and use the pick or Continental method.  When I use the throw or English/American method, the gauge is much closer.  And my knitting is much tighter.  So I think most patterns are written by knitters using the throw method. Personally I find the pick method much easier, faster and smoother.  If you like a different method GREAT! What else makes knitted dishcloth patterns... (Read More ...)

For the past few weeks, I haven’t felt like knitting.  Until . . . Earlier this week I sat up most of the night with a sick family member. And after about an hour, I felt an urge to start a pair of socks.  I decided to use the pattern that came with the yarn. Well, the way I knit, I’ll start with it as a template! Usually I tweak knitting patterns as I go . . . So I dutifully knit a swatch for the gauge.  And as happens sometimes, the swatch didn’t match the section I cast on and began knitting.  In full disclosure, I did use a different cast-on stitch.  😳 The looser cast-on made... (Read More ...)

If scrubbies are a kind of dishcloth, tawashi are a kind of scrubbie. So yes, they are related. Traditional tawashi are Japanese scrub brushes.  Among knitters and crocheters, tawashi often means a special kind of scrubbie. Tawashi are usually made of acrylic yarn.  The combination of acrylic yarn and garter stitch ridges makes scrubbing easier.  Tawashi usually don’t scratch surfaces. Even though acrylic is manufactured, acrylic tawashi are also known as eco-tawashi.  Why? Well, because they need less soap — or even none — to work. They are too harsh for delicate skin, though! Tribble... (Read More ...)

I’m a fan of hand knit dishcloths. Every time I use one, I’m amazed at how long they last.  And how much better they are at scrubbing than manufactured dishcloths. Although they can be fancy with embossed-looking images, they don’t have to be.  A knitted dishcloth pattern can be as simple as garter stitch. I just finished knitting one in about three hours. Grandma's Favorite Knitted Dishcloth I used a dishcloth pattern that’s been around for years. It’s called Grandma’s or Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth. Its name suits. It’s a quick and easy knit. All you need to know is... (Read More ...)

I’m typing while wearing one fingerless mitten. Why? Well, my fingers were cold and I decided to experiment. I was curious to know how fast I’d notice a difference between the two hands, I decided to try just one. Striped fingerless mitten In less than 10 seconds I noticed an improvement in the hand wearing the mitten. Wow! What a surprise! I always thought they’d warm the hands but not the fingers. Now if I could just knit that fast. 😉 While I like mittens and gloves, fingerless ones are better sometimes. For example, when you’re working at a keyboard, wearing regular mittens make typing... (Read More ...)

Have you recently had unusual challenges? Maybe it’s been the economy. Your family. Or the weather. So far this winter has been unusually cold here. It’s been 20 to 30 points below normal. Water frozen outside in the morning — and even the afternoon some days. This is the longest stretch of cold weather in this area in about a century. Of course, the cold weather brings it’s own challenges. Like, not one but two mice decided my dryer vent was a nice entrance into my warm house. At least I hope it’s only two! 😕 This week, my problems challenges became very small. The... (Read More ...)

Sprucey Lucy Knee High Socks free knitting pattern available from Wendy Knits. "Baby" enjoying his new sweater Follow-up to this post. Participating in Wordless Wednesday.  Well, it’s almost wordless! 🙂  (Read More ...)