Saturday, November 18, 2017
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The emotional, physical, financial and sometimes spiritual strains associated with caregiving.

Christmas knitting can take many forms.  While it may be knitting Christmas presents, it can also be knitting for Christmas decorations.

Hand knit ornaments and stocking are two examples.  Even simple ones can become treasures you and your family or friends can enjoy for years.

Read more about knitted Christmas ball ornaments here.

Christmas stocking stuffers are gifts placed in a Christmas stocking.  Traditionally brought by Santa Claus in the U.S., the gifts are "stuffed" into the stocking often until it bulges.

Also known as: Christmas stocking

Christmas stockings are either real or decorative stockings hung by children for Santa Claus to fill Christmas Eve.  Modern knit Christmas stockings are often knit with worsted weight yarn, and appropriate needles.  They may actually be easier for many beginning stocking knitters, because the yarn and needles are easier to handle than sock weight yarn and needles.

You can see examples of Christmas stocking kits here.

Color knitting is knitting with more than one color.  Stripes are a simple way to add color to knitting.  More advanced techniques include stranded knitting and intarsia.