Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Knitting is the process of forming fabric by looping yarn or thread over knitting needles, by hand or machine.

The directions for knitting a particular item or a stitch. Knitting instructions for an item are often included in the knitting pattern. Knitting instructions for a stitch may also be included in a knitting pattern, or as separate instructions in a book or DVD for example.

Knitting patterns are sets of instructions used to make knitted items.

Knitting podcasts are podcasts about knitting including topics of interest to knitters.

So what is a podcast?
It's a relatively new term to describe digital media such as audios, videos or pdf files that are in episodes and available by downloading or online streaming to computers and portable media players.

Where can you find knitting podcasts?
You can look for them in places like the iTunes Store.
Your favorite search engine such as Google, Bing or Duck Duck Go can also direct you to many podcasts.

Knitting socks is often done seamlessly using circular knitting.  Most commonly 4 or 5 double-pointed needles or 2 circular needles are used.  Socks can be knit from the toe up or from the top down.

The looping of yarn or thread around a needle to produce an individual stitch, a design or a pattern in knitting.

Knitting tips and techniques are shortcuts and ways of knitting sometimes not included in standard knitting instructions.

Knitting yarn is yarn that works well with knitting. It may be specifically designed to be knit.

In general smoother yarns are easier to knit. Although hand spun yarn can look uneven and be very easy to knit.

Fancy yarns like eyelash and bouclé can be challenging, especially for beginning knitters.

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