Saturday, November 18, 2017
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In its simplest form, knitting lace is making openings in the knitting.  How? By yarn overs, twists, and decreases.

Probably the simplest patters is to yarn over, then decrease two across a row.  You end up with a row of eyelet lace.

Of course, you can make much more complex patterns and designs.  If you start simply, learning as you go, you can graduate to more complex patterns at your own speed.

And lace doesn't have to be only for old-fashioned edgings for collars and cuffs, or doilies.  Modern patterns include lace in a wide variety of projects, including:

  • hats,

  • scarves,

  • sweaters,

  • socks,

  • blankets and afghans, and

  • even dishcloths!

So have fun with knitting lace! When you're looking for an easy lace pattern in a small project, check out my pattern for a dishcloth and towel called <a href="">Garter Ripple Kitchen Set</a>.

Left-handed or mirror knitting is done by some left-handed knitters. Instead of knitting the live stitches from the left-hand needle to the right, they knit from right to left. The left hand does the bulk of the knitting, instead of the right. The term mirror knitting comes from the reflection in a mirror of a right-hand dominant knitter. That's what left-handed knitting looks like.

Also known as: Loose bind off

Elastic cast off (bind off) for stretch and comfort.