Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Knitting Clinic For Classes

This Special Offer Is Only For Those Who Have Taken a Knitting Class Taught by Ina Gilmore, “The Knitting Dr.”

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Untangle Your Knotty Knitting Problems to –

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  • Knitting more projects because you knit faster…
  • Knitting almost effortlessly instead of struggling…
  • Getting knitting tips and techniques to make you look and feel like a knitting expert even if you’re a beginner…
  • Knitting projects you’re proud of and recipients will treasure
  • Knitting for relaxation and stress relief instead of adding to your tension and stress.

You are about to learn the EASY way to enhance your knitting skills through the magic of the Internet inside your —

Knitting Clinic Membership”


Looking for someone to help you with your knitting challenges and problems?

Are you struggling to follow a “How to Knit” book?

Have questions and you need answers?


Knitting question


Is your unfinished project is calling to you to figure out the next step so you can complete it?


Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Solve Your Knitting

Dilemmas… Without Wasting Tons of Time and Stitches!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a clinic for knitters?

Where “The Knitting Dr.” answers your questions and even shows you “First Aid” for your knitting mishaps?

Well, now there is. Through the magic of the Internet get solutions for your knitting problems. Inside your “Knitting Clinic Membership” you’ll get…


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Knitting tips and techniques you can use now to knit faster and more easily


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Answers to your knitting questions and problems…


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Webinar replays you can access at your own convenience – even if it’s 2 AM!



So you can finish more projects and enjoy knitting more!

Knitting should be a pleasure. There’s enough tension and stress in the world without adding knitting to the list…

Solving your knitting dilemmas can make knitting the relaxing activity it should be!

Getting Knitting Solutions on the Computer through the "Knitting Clinic Membership"


Inside Your “Knitting Clinic Membership” You’ll Get …

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Knitting patterns you can use! Knitting patterns are designed with you in mind with your input and that of other members…

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Knitting videos covering Knitting Fundamentals, Knitting First Aid and what you request…

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Webinars with your own knitting teacher, “The Knitting Dr.”!



Ready to untangle your knitting knots and problems?

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Happily knitting after finding solutions to knitting problems through "The Knitting Clinic Membership" knitting after finding solutions to knitting problems through "The Knitting Yarn Gold Membership and Weekly Knitting Clinic Webinars"

 And Knit Happy Now!