Friday, July 21, 2017
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How To Knit Videos

Garter Stitch with Slipped Stitch Edging

Nice chain edge reminiscent of crocheting.


Norwegian Purl Stitch

Option for using different muscles for purl stitches, or for keeping yarn behind needles when knitting and purling, as in a long row of ribbing.


How to Knit Videos Episode 1: Long Tail Cast On for Right and Left Handed Knitting



How To Knit Videos Episode 3: Knitted Cast On For Right and Left-handed Knitting

 How to knit video showing a knitted cast on for either right or left-handed knitting. This simple cast on is easy for beginners and versatile.

How to Knit Videos Episode 6: Simple Crochet Cast On
This How To Knit Video shows how to cast on with a crochet chain. This cast on works for many patterns and is easy.



How To Knit Videos 9: Single Crochet Edge For Knitting

This video shows you how to add a single crochet edging to a knitted square.  It can make the sides of a square more even which is helpful when joining them together as in an afghan or blanket made of squares.

How To Knit Videos Episode 10: Left Slanted Decreases

This video shows 2 ways to make left slanted decreases.