Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Many people don’t think of knitting and caregiving going together. Well, they do in more ways than one. One of the most obvious is that knitting is a way to pass the time.  Many knitting projects are portable, and are handy to take along for an uncertain wait.  Like when a caregiver waits at a doctor’s office or for medical testing or treatments.  The right project can also be dropped when the caregiver needs to give care, and picked up later. Knitting is also a stress-reliever.  And it can be a solution or at least a partial solution to caregiver stress. I learned to knit about... (Read More ...)

Caregiver stress can quickly become overwhelming.  It can sneak up on you, taking more and more of your time, energy and resources.  Or it can quickly escalate with a crisis or sudden deterioration of the one you are giving care to.  Both quilting and knitting can help you deal with caregiver stress. When my mother could no longer quilt, she enjoyed watching me piece and quilt projects.  And when she needed a hospital bed, the quilt as you go squares from an unfinished quilt made covers for the bedrails.  They added padding to the hard metal rails.  And the sunny yellow and bright blues... (Read More ...)

Caregiver stress can be dangerous, even deadly.  If you are feeling caregiver stress your health and the health of those you care for may be at risk. My friend Mindy found out just how serious caregiver stress can be.  It can affect your health, your life and even the things like knitting you enjoy and do to relieve stress. When Mindy’s parents were no longer able to care for themselves, she moved them into the house next door.  She remodeled it and took over their care, including hiring caregivers. She supervised the caregivers, soon finding herself doing more and more.  In addition to supervising... (Read More ...)

Daylight Savings Time 2011 (officially Daylight Saving Time 2011) has ended in the U.S. Do you notice a change in your caregiving? Whether you’re giving care to a baby, an adult or animals, it doesn’t take long to realize how sensitive they can be to light – and to time changes. Try to explain to a hungry child or pet that it’s not time to eat for another hour because the time just changed.  Yeah, right. It’s no surprise that many farmers hated Daylight Saving Time when it first went almost national in 1966. And ever notice how it also can affect adults? Maybe the... (Read More ...)

Are you having a relaxing Labor Day weekend? I often have mixed feelings about long weekends. Yes, many folks find them a great way to relax.  There’s another side to long weekends though. Sometimes you’re the person who is left behind.  For example, you may be the professional or family caregiver who works through the long weekend when everyone else takes a break.  And so a long weekend can be a source of stress including caregiver stress. Is knitting one of the ways you reduce stress? After a long working day of a long weekend, I often found it helpful to relax.  For many years... (Read More ...)