Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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The editors of Healthline.com nominated ‘Caregiving With Purpose’ for their “Best Health Blog of 2012” contest.  This is recognition for the quality of the information in the blog and for the needs of caregivers. ‘Caregiving With Purpose’ is the sister blog of The Knitting Yarn. Think this doesn’t affect you?  Then consider this… “There are only four kinds of people in the world – Those who have been caregivers Those who currently are caregivers Those who will be caregivers, And those who will need caregivers.” – Rosalynn Carter Number 4 could... (Read More ...)

This month I finished knitting a scarf. It’s one of those ruffled scarves, with a novelty yarn called Sashay Yarn. The scarf pattern was easy, although the instructions were missing important parts.  The yarn is called a ribbon by some, although I’d describe it more as a mesh. The yarn sat in my work basket for a while.  It took some concentration and knitting several times to get the technique right. Sometimes a project just needs to wait.  When I saw several knit at a local yarn store, that was incentive to try again.  After all the pattern was all garter stitch.  How hard could... (Read More ...)

Does your knitting change with the seasons?  And are you finding yourself knitting the same knitting patterns over and over? Maybe it’s time for a change, even a small one. My knitting varies with the seasons.  I like to try — and often adapt — new knitting patterns whenever I can. In the hottest weather I set aside my wool projects.  Knitting even wool blends in air conditioning just doesn’t appeal to me in the hottest weather.  Which this year ran from May until September. This past week we’ve had a drop in the daily temperatures of 20 degrees.  I expect them to rise... (Read More ...)

Many people don’t think of knitting and caregiving going together. Well, they do in more ways than one. One of the most obvious is that knitting is a way to pass the time.  Many knitting projects are portable, and are handy to take along for an uncertain wait.  Like when a caregiver waits at a doctor’s office or for medical testing or treatments.  The right project can also be dropped when the caregiver needs to give care, and picked up later. Knitting is also a stress-reliever.  And it can be a solution or at least a partial solution to caregiver stress. I learned to knit about... (Read More ...)

Caregiver stress can quickly become overwhelming.  It can sneak up on you, taking more and more of your time, energy and resources.  Or it can quickly escalate with a crisis or sudden deterioration of the one you are giving care to.  Both quilting and knitting can help you deal with caregiver stress. When my mother could no longer quilt, she enjoyed watching me piece and quilt projects.  And when she needed a hospital bed, the quilt as you go squares from an unfinished quilt made covers for the bedrails.  They added padding to the hard metal rails.  And the sunny yellow and bright blues... (Read More ...)

Notice how knitting yarn seems to accumulate? Recently I decided to reorganize my knitting yarn stash.  It was in several baskets here and there.  And in bags and… Well you get the idea. It’s amazing how fast knitting yarn can grow.  A skein bought on sale for a future project is forgotten, and joined by several others.  There’s the yarn for Christmas gifts never started a couple of years ago added to the sock yarn that’s awaiting inspiration. I started organizing my stash a couple of weeks ago.  When the stash starts taking over more than one room, it’s definitely past time to organize... (Read More ...)

Caregiver stress can be dangerous, even deadly.  If you are feeling caregiver stress your health and the health of those you care for may be at risk. My friend Mindy found out just how serious caregiver stress can be.  It can affect your health, your life and even the things like knitting you enjoy and do to relieve stress. When Mindy’s parents were no longer able to care for themselves, she moved them into the house next door.  She remodeled it and took over their care, including hiring caregivers. She supervised the caregivers, soon finding herself doing more and more.  In addition to supervising... (Read More ...)

Wondering how inspirational quotations, butterflies and lantana bushes are connected? One of the best — maybe the best — plants to attract butterflies is the lantana bush.  Its blossoms are often two colors, and vary in color even on the same plant.  It likes well-drained soil, and once established doesn’t need a lot of care. I have one in my back yard.  Last year my sister rescued it from her lantana bush.  The stem and root separated from the plant.  We replanted it close to the house.  It wanted to fall over, so I staked it. And when winter came it died down as lantana plants do. This... (Read More ...)

Wondering what is an easy loose cast off or bind off? Most beginners are taught a simple cast off, that often is not loose enough for sweater necks and tops of toe up socks.  It’s simple, but not helpful when you need a more elastic one. This became a health concern for me when knitting socks for my mother. While her legs were thin, her feet and lower legs would swell after sitting up a while.  And knitting socks with stretch that would stay up became my challenge. I ended up knitting a ribbed sock, and using a loose cast off.  I searched online and found one that worked.  Since then,... (Read More ...)

Did you first learn to knit from your mother or grandmother? Many knitters did. Like many crafts, it connects the generations. Today is Mother’s Day, and I found a poem I thought you might enjoy…   A Mother’s LoveThere are times when only a mother’s loveCan understand our tears,Can soothe our disappointsAnd calm all of our fears. There are times when only a mother’s loveCan share the joy we feelWhen something we’ve dreamed aboutQuite suddenly is real. There are times when only a mother’s faithCan help us on life’s wayAnd inspire in us the confidenceWe... (Read More ...)