Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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When I think of a Christmas stocking, not surprisingly a stocking or sock comes to mind. After all, that’s what’s traditional. The custom started with children using their own stockings. And they’ve become a part of many knitters’ Christmas knitting. If you’re an experienced knitter, knitting a Christmas stocking is much like a sock. A bit larger of course, and you may use a heavier weight yarn with larger needles. If you’re not an experienced knitter, it can be frustrating. The heel requires short rows and picking up stitches for the instep. Then there are decreases,... (Read More ...)

Wouldn’t it be nice to knit a Christmas stocking for each child in the family?  One that can be personalized for their favorite colors, names and more.  Hand knit Christmas stockings can easily become a Christmas tradition.  One you can’t buy in a store. They can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The patterns can be plain, stripes or even complex patterns reminiscent of Fair Isle knitting. Before last year, I never tackled Christmas stockings.  Then a friend suggested I create some.  And before I knew it I had three different versions! What are three reasons you should... (Read More ...)

This week I’m knitting a Christmas stocking and pattern. Christmas stockings are interesting.  Basically they follow sock patterns and are often knit with larger needles and thicker yarn.  It can be plain or fancy.  This stocking is a top down pattern, so the toe has symmetrical decreases.  Every other row is a decrease row.  And each decrease row has four decreases.  Two are left slanted and two right slanted.  And because the yarn is heavier than sock yarn, I decided to add the decreases to my How To Knit Videos series. To see the left slanted decrease video, just leave a comment... (Read More ...)

Have you been thinking about knitting socks and don’t know where to start? What about a Christmas stocking? Oh, yes it looks like a large project.  Basically a Christmas stocking is a sock knit on larger needles with thicker yarn.  And because of that it may be easier to knit than using fine needles and yarn.  Or “toothpicks” as my sister calls my Size 1 double pointed needles. 🙂 Whether you’re just learning to knit socks or want a simpler project because your time to knit is unpredictable like in caregiving, a Christmas stocking may make a good option.  It’s... (Read More ...)

Hanging Christmas stockings is a tradition in many homes. Sometimes the children hang them, and sometimes Santa Claus or St. Nicholas brings them on Christmas Eve.  In some countries, children leave out a boot or a wooden shoe instead of stockings. The origin of Christmas stockings has several variations.  Most involve St. Nicholas, a poor man, and his three daughters. Do you know the Legend of Christmas Stockings? According to tradition, long ago a penniless nobleman was concerned about his three beautiful daughters.  His wife had died.  After her death he became despondent, losing his inheritance... (Read More ...)