Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Hanging Christmas stockings is a tradition in many homes. Sometimes the children hang them, and sometimes Santa Claus or St. Nicholas brings them on Christmas Eve.  In some countries, children leave out a boot or a wooden shoe instead of stockings. The origin of Christmas stockings has several variations.  Most involve St. Nicholas, a poor man, and his three daughters. Do you know the Legend of Christmas Stockings? According to tradition, long ago a penniless nobleman was concerned about his three beautiful daughters.  His wife had died.  After her death he became despondent, losing his inheritance... (Read More ...)

One of my earliest Christmas memories is my sister and I receiving identical knit hats from my Aunt Gerry.  They were red, with a face on the back, lovingly hand embroidered for children. Even to the google eyes. Hey, we were toddlers and thought them very cool! Christmas is a great time to relive happy memories—and to create some new ones. Yes, it’s great to be able to make a scarf, mittens, or even a sweater for a loved one. Especially if they actually like it! 😉 Sometimes, though, other problems challenges crowd out the knitting time.  And even the fastest knitter needs more than an... (Read More ...)