Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Lately, my projects involve lace knitting instructions. About a month ago, I started a what I thought would be a quick project. It’s a small purse originally designed for a bride. I thought it would make an elegant formal bag, perhaps for a prom or another formal. I glanced at the instructions, and the degree of difficulty according to the publisher. I thought it would be within my skill. Well, yes it is. I did learn a few things about knitting lace I want to share, though. Knitting Tip #1: The “finishing” may take longer than the main section. In this case, the main part of... (Read More ...)

Well, after 6 months — 4 of which they sat on a shelf waiting for me to be inspired to knit them again — I finally finished my knee socks! They are my first very own hand knit knee socks, custom-made using several sock knitting instructions which I combined. I do like the toe-up knitting instructions, because the sock can be tried on as you’re knitting. That way, changes can be made immediately and — at least theoretically — keeps the frogging to a minimum! Fairisle knee socks from multiple knitting instructions The patterned sock yarn is: Austermann Step Sock Yarn in the Sunset... (Read More ...)

Right now, I have three projects on the needles, although thankfully not the same needles! 😉 The more I talk to knitters, the more I realize I’m not alone. And there are perfectly good reasons why each of these projects remains “in progress.”  You may have the same problem challenge. Here are my current projects: Knee socks in progress I started these socks in the early spring. It was unusually cool for South Carolina. And now, well, it’s summer. Thankfully, there’s air conditioning. These are my first pair for myself, and I’m not sure how to finish the tops.... (Read More ...)

Knitting with crochet thread is definitely a challenge. Maybe that’s the reason it’s called crochet thread or crochet cotton. 😉 I’m using two strands of #10 thread, and stockinette stitch.  I like how the two colors of thread make their own pattern, even though it doesn’t show up well in this picture.. Even so, my progress has been slower than I’d like. I’m trying to decide if it’s the size of the thread … the small circular knitting needles … or because the thread doesn’t “give” like yarn. Or maybe it’s a combination of... (Read More ...)