Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Are you having a relaxing Labor Day weekend? I often have mixed feelings about long weekends. Yes, many folks find them a great way to relax.  There’s another side to long weekends though. Sometimes you’re the person who is left behind.  For example, you may be the professional or family caregiver who works through the long weekend when everyone else takes a break.  And so a long weekend can be a source of stress including caregiver stress. Is knitting one of the ways you reduce stress? After a long working day of a long weekend, I often found it helpful to relax.  For many years... (Read More ...)

I’ve completed my latest Danish shawl. The pattern is from Dorothea Fischer, and also was published in Spin-Off Magazine. This time, I used Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in their Harvest shade.  The yarn is soft, and self-striping.  So, not as many ends to weave in! This is the second project I’ve made from this yarn.  The first, a poncho, was impractical where I live.  I saw it gathering dust.  Now I have yarn left over for at least one more project.  Yeah! 😀 The shawl is comfortable, and I suspect I’ll mostly wear it indoors.  I may wear it under a coat in the winter,... (Read More ...)

Well, I finished my Homespun® Danish tie-shawl. Or at least I thought I did. Since I took that picture earlier today, I decided to rework the shawl.  Not all of it.  I ripped out the crocheted edging including the ties.  After ripping out the bind-off row, I’ve knit two additional rows. Because the shawl wasn’t large enough.  After I had it on and tied, I realized where it sits on my shoulders means the lower edge doesn’t come as low as I’d like.  In other words, it falls too high above my elbow.  It needs a couple of more inches to fit right. And to keep me warm... (Read More ...)

What do you do with a project you made several years ago, and don’t wear — even though you really like the yarn? That was my dilemma with a poncho I made several years ago.  I knit the “Coming Home” Poncho from Lion Brand Yarn, in the “Harvest” color. While I liked the feel of the yarn, I found the poncho impractical. Where I live, we have strong winds.  If I need a coat or jacket, the poncho’s too thin.  The wind blows right through it.  Indoors, it was in my way as I worked.  So it sat, unused, on a shelf in my closet. In this economy, I didn’t... (Read More ...)