Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Have you been thinking about knitting socks and don’t know where to start? What about a Christmas stocking? Oh, yes it looks like a large project.  Basically a Christmas stocking is a sock knit on larger needles with thicker yarn.  And because of that it may be easier to knit than using fine needles and yarn.  Or “toothpicks” as my sister calls my Size 1 double pointed needles. 🙂 Whether you’re just learning to knit socks or want a simpler project because your time to knit is unpredictable like in caregiving, a Christmas stocking may make a good option.  It’s... (Read More ...)

Sometimes it’s nice to have small easy knitting projects.  When your time is not scheduled for knitting, it’s nice to be able to drop your work and pick it up easily.  Without having to spend more time puzzling over following the knitting instructions than actually knitting!  I first learned that as a family caregiver, when I might get an hour without being called, or maybe only a few seconds! This week has been one of those weeks for small projects.  The weather turned cooler, so I decided it’s time to try a head wrap.  It’s not quite cold enough for a knitted cap,... (Read More ...)

Right now, I have three projects on the needles, although thankfully not the same needles! 😉 The more I talk to knitters, the more I realize I’m not alone. And there are perfectly good reasons why each of these projects remains “in progress.”  You may have the same problem challenge. Here are my current projects: Knee socks in progress I started these socks in the early spring. It was unusually cool for South Carolina. And now, well, it’s summer. Thankfully, there’s air conditioning. These are my first pair for myself, and I’m not sure how to finish the tops.... (Read More ...)

When you’re bored with knitting the same old pattern, maybe it’s time to try something more challenging … Like Garterlac! This is my first attempt: Yes, it’s a work in progress. If you like the challenge of entrelac, but find the stockinette (stocking) version too flat or like both the front and back to look woven, you might like garterlac. Like garter stitch, it’s a nice thickness for dishes.  And dishcloths make a nice practical square to try out a new pattern. It’s not hard to envision using garterlac for a scarf, an afghan, or a pillow top. If garterlac is... (Read More ...)

Looking at my collection of darning needles, I realized I needed more organization. Each needle is blunt. The good news is blunt needles are harder to poke yourself with. The bad news is, they don’t poke through the fabric on my pin cushion. <Sigh …> Darning needles — and most sewing needles — come in cardboard and plastic packages.  To use the needles, the plastic usually needs to be ripped from the cardboard. While the plastic can be used as a tray, it’s a short-term not a long-term solution. As I was considering what to do with my needles, I suddenly remembered one... (Read More ...)