Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Sprucey Lucy Knee High Socks free knitting pattern available from Wendy Knits. "Baby" enjoying his new sweater Follow-up to this post. Participating in Wordless Wednesday.  Well, it’s almost wordless!  (Read More ...)

Well, after 6 months — 4 of which they sat on a shelf waiting for me to be inspired to knit them again — I finally finished my knee socks! They are my first very own hand knit knee socks, custom-made using several sock knitting instructions which I combined. I do like the toe-up knitting instructions, because the sock can be tried on as you’re knitting. That way, changes can be made immediately and — at least theoretically — keeps the frogging to a minimum! Fairisle knee socks from multiple knitting instructions The patterned sock yarn is: Austermann Step Sock Yarn in the Sunset... (Read More ...)

When I read about a bride’s purse in Knitting Daily, I knew I wanted to try its free knitting instructions. However, I didn’t have enough white crochet thread, and the correct size needles were in use for socks I started a while back. I did, however, have a purse I’d started which was sitting on a shelf. Sitting alone because I found it too hard to knit. Not wanting to give up on crochet thread, the Knitting Daily pattern was just what I needed to try again. Knitting with 2 strands crochet thread I like the way the two colors of crochet cotton blended, and wanted to use them.... (Read More ...)

Ever have one of those days? You know, you search for a clean dishcloth. Only to discover … Most of them are worn, many beyond repair. Amazing how they all seem to go simultaneously. And no, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. More likely, I wait until I need more than one, and then make a bunch at a time. Dishcloths are interesting. They can be as plain or fancy as you like. Since I’ve recently been working with garter stitch, I thought I’d see how many variations of garter stitch I could make. This is one of my favorite patterns. I start with how ever many stitches I... (Read More ...)

Looking at my collection of darning needles, I realized I needed more organization. Each needle is blunt. The good news is blunt needles are harder to poke yourself with. The bad news is, they don’t poke through the fabric on my pin cushion. <Sigh …> Darning needles — and most sewing needles — come in cardboard and plastic packages.  To use the needles, the plastic usually needs to be ripped from the cardboard. While the plastic can be used as a tray, it’s a short-term not a long-term solution. As I was considering what to do with my needles, I suddenly remembered one... (Read More ...)

Earlier this year, I knit a bag. It’s made of hand spun wool, which I dyed with Kool-Aid.  Two packages of black cherry, and one of orange. The original color was grayish brown. Or was it brownish gray? The bag is knit on circular needles, because I decided to minimize the number of seams.  It has one seam at the bottom.  And even that one I closed without sewing. How? Well, more on that later. The pattern is actually fairly simple. I used a combination of garter stitch and stockinette stitch. Stockinette because, well it’s easy on circular needles.  You just knit every stitch. ... (Read More ...)

Here’s a free heart pattern to knit. Today I decided to make a small heart.  I have some scarlet Caron’s One Pound, which is a nice soft acrylic worsted weight yarn. It’s a simple pattern, and only took me a few minutes.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, maybe make a pin.  Or send it to a friend who needs some extra TLC.  I’ll let you know. The color is not the rosy pink as shown here.  Rather, it’s definitely scarlet red. The pattern is available to free members.  You need to log in to see the pattern.  I used size 6 needles.  Gauge is not... (Read More ...)

I enjoy knitting dishcloths. They’re colorful, fast, and can be as challenging as you like. Their nearly universal usefulness makes them treasures.  An added bonus:  I like them better than the store-bought kind. When they fade or become a little worn, they still make great cleaning cloths.  My frugal ancestors would have loved them!  And for all I know did … I like to vary the style, but still like garter stitch best. I’m intrigued with the mitered ones.  Knitting with 2 yarn strands makes a thicker cloth, better for scrubbing.  Because I knit fairly loosely, I can also use... (Read More ...)