Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Wondering what is an easy loose cast off or bind off? Most beginners are taught a simple cast off, that often is not loose enough for sweater necks and tops of toe up socks.  It’s simple, but not helpful when you need a more elastic one. This became a health concern for me when knitting socks for my mother. While her legs were thin, her feet and lower legs would swell after sitting up a while.  And knitting socks with stretch that would stay up became my challenge. I ended up knitting a ribbed sock, and using a loose cast off.  I searched online and found one that worked.  Since then,... (Read More ...)

Barbara wants to know how does she find the right pattern row after ripping out a lot?  She’s feeling frustrated with following a chart. Great question! And Barbara, congratulations on stretching yourself to try what sounds like a complex knitting chart! Been there, done that!  When starting to knit lace or any pattern with a knitting chart, it’s easy to get lost.  Especially when knitting with interruptions or to relieve stress. Some charts have over 20 rows of knitting in the pattern repeat.  Yikes! Is it any wonder knitters get frustrated? Many lace knitting instructions suggest... (Read More ...)

Have you tried a crochet cast on? The other day I was looking for a different cast on.  One that would look nice and be even.  And fairly easy to do. Sometimes I just like to try knitting different techniques, you know? I came across the chain cast on, which I call a simple crochet cast on. This cast on works with either knit or purl stitches, and makes a nice finished edge.  It makes a nice edge for ribbing too. How do you cast on with this stitch? 1. Start with crocheting a chain stitch.  You chain the number of stitches you want in your cast on row.  And be sure to count... (Read More ...)