Sunday, November 19, 2017
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A few years ago I started knitting socks with knitting instructions. I knit my first pair for my mother, who had trouble keeping her feet warm.  It was a challenge to find socks that fit her. The legs usually were too tight, even though her legs were slender. So, I started with a simple pattern, following its instructions.  They were top down socks, and I carefully tried them on her as I knit to be sure they would fit.  They did.  I made her three pair, including a lace pair. The ones that fit best were the ribbed legs, and 1×1 ribbing remains my favorite today. When I knit other patterns,... (Read More ...)

Barbara wants to know how does she find the right pattern row after ripping out a lot?  She’s feeling frustrated with following a chart. Great question! And Barbara, congratulations on stretching yourself to try what sounds like a complex knitting chart! Been there, done that!  When starting to knit lace or any pattern with a knitting chart, it’s easy to get lost.  Especially when knitting with interruptions or to relieve stress. Some charts have over 20 rows of knitting in the pattern repeat.  Yikes! Is it any wonder knitters get frustrated? Many lace knitting instructions suggest... (Read More ...)

Yes, I’m serious. Sure knitting with incomplete knitting instructions can be frustrating.  You know what?  They can also be a blessing. Okay, maybe one in disguise or just hiding very well. When I first started knitting lace I didn’t realize how challenging it can be.  Sometimes fearless knitting is the only way to start — and finish — a project. I knit a purse that I thought would be easy.  I decided to use a yarn I hadn’t used before.  It’s actually no longer available, which is no surprise.  To say it was challenging may be one of those historical understatements. ... (Read More ...)

Sometimes it’s nice to have small easy knitting projects.  When your time is not scheduled for knitting, it’s nice to be able to drop your work and pick it up easily.  Without having to spend more time puzzling over following the knitting instructions than actually knitting!  I first learned that as a family caregiver, when I might get an hour without being called, or maybe only a few seconds! This week has been one of those weeks for small projects.  The weather turned cooler, so I decided it’s time to try a head wrap.  It’s not quite cold enough for a knitted cap,... (Read More ...)

The latest video in my How To Knit Videos is on using single crochet with knitted squares. And there’s an interesting story behind it.  You see, I made an afghan from a kit a few years ago. It is made of individual squares that are joined together into the whole afghan.  I knit it while caregiving.  The squares are a great way of knitting a large project without hauling the whole thing around. I think it’s now my favorite way to knit an afghan or blanket.  Although I can see making strips another option. Yes, I customized the knitting instructions. The original knitting instructions... (Read More ...)

Some purists don’t like to combine knitting and crocheting. Why some, won’t even talk to people who do the other one!  Good grief is all I can say. While knitting comes easier for me, I enjoy them both.  And part of the fun is combining them into the same project. Recently I decided to redo part of an afghan I made a few years ago.  It’s made of individual blocks of different colors.  The original knitting instructions in the afghan kit said to sew the blocks together.  Well, that’s fine.  I wanted to use the same color yarn, thinking it would be less noticeable. ... (Read More ...)

After Pat lost her vision, she continued knitting. Her specialty was baby blankets.  She knit them for friends . . .family . . .and her church members.  Welcoming each new addition with a soft cuddly blanket. Looking at her work you’d never know she was blind.  Plus she continued to knit after recovering from a major heart attack. Inspirational stories warm the heart . . . Seeing how someone with what the world considers disabilities can overcome them and create treasures is inspiring. And sometimes just the added push I need to complete a project.  My current project is a hat.     My... (Read More ...)

Some time ago I noted my left thumb aching . . .especially after knitting. While it cleared up after stopping knitting, it bothered me. First of all, who wants to give up knitting?  And second, I didn’t want it to be anything serious . . .like a repetitive stress injury. I noticed it when I was more stressed than usual. My caregiving activities were at an all-time high, among other things . . . Because I wanted to know if I could fix it by changing what I was doing, I started closely watching how I knit. I first noted the discomfort while knitting a 1×1 ribbing.  At the time I knit... (Read More ...)