Sunday, November 19, 2017
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  Knitting three dimensional projects like socks is fun. In the case of knitting socks the fine yarn and thin needles are challenging when you first start to knit socks . . .even if you’ve been knitting for years! My first socks were knit on five double pointed needles. Image via Wikipedia For simple patterns, such as stockinette or ribbing, I had no problems.  My most recent sock project was, however, lace socks. I used WendyKnits’ free Sprucey Lucy sock pattern. The first sock I knit with my trusty double pointed needles.  They’re bamboo, and I have knit several projects... (Read More ...)

When ready to bind off my first toe-up knee sock, I nearly didn’t. The knitting instructions for my socks said to “bind off loosely.”  With other projects, I’d been able to bind off loosely using one or two tried-and-true methods. A sock was different. No matter which method I tried, it just didn’t stretch enough to get it on around my heel, let alone over my calf.  I searched all my knitting instruction books without help.  None of them have toe-up sock, top-down hat or finger-down mitten knitting instructions. In reviewing this, it seems to be a fairly common dilemma.  Socks need... (Read More ...)

Well, after 6 months — 4 of which they sat on a shelf waiting for me to be inspired to knit them again — I finally finished my knee socks! They are my first very own hand knit knee socks, custom-made using several sock knitting instructions which I combined. I do like the toe-up knitting instructions, because the sock can be tried on as you’re knitting. That way, changes can be made immediately and — at least theoretically — keeps the frogging to a minimum! Fairisle knee socks from multiple knitting instructions The patterned sock yarn is: Austermann Step Sock Yarn in the Sunset... (Read More ...)

Awhile ago, I started a pair of socks. Knee socks in progress Actually, they’re the first pair I’ve ever made for myself. And I wanted them to both fit, and to be knee socks. I like knee socks. When wearing pants,they often hike up when I sit down, and like to still have my leg covered. Recently I’m finding it harder to get knee socks in the stores or even online. So, I decided to make it myself. Many sock patterns either end just above the ankle, or seem to think calves are straight up and down. Results: they don’t fit.  Besides, after spending the time knitting a pair... (Read More ...)

Right now, I have three projects on the needles, although thankfully not the same needles! 😉 The more I talk to knitters, the more I realize I’m not alone. And there are perfectly good reasons why each of these projects remains “in progress.”  You may have the same problem challenge. Here are my current projects: Knee socks in progress I started these socks in the early spring. It was unusually cool for South Carolina. And now, well, it’s summer. Thankfully, there’s air conditioning. These are my first pair for myself, and I’m not sure how to finish the tops.... (Read More ...)

My socks are coming along. As you can see, the second sock is now longer than the first.  This is the first pair of socks I’ve knit for myself. Being somewhat frugal, I’m using two skeins of different yarn to stretch the Austermann Step Sock Yarn in Sunset Fairisle from Alpaca Direct. I like the color combination, and am happy the two yarns go together so well.  The Austermann Step Sock Yarn is soft, and has aloe and jojoba in it.  My hands feel softer after knitting even a few rounds.  So, I’m sure my feet will appreciate the yarn next winter! 8) As is typical for me, I’m... (Read More ...)

Some days, knitting seems to go really quickly. And other days, even when knitting, it seems slower.  Sometimes it’s adjusting a pattern, and sometimes it’s the ripping and knitting the same section again. This sock seems to be going slowly.  For one thing, I decided to add a reinforced old-fashioned heel stitch to the heel.  The directions were for two needles, so an adjustment although minor was needed for working the gusset in the round.  Not a big deal.  I did find keeping track of those stitches and the increases for the gusset challenging. Especially when I couldn’t... (Read More ...)

I’ve always loved Fair Isle knitting. It always seemed either too complicated or more bother than I wanted to put into it.  Maybe it was the multiple colors? So, recently when I saw the Fair Isle pencil case pattern, I knew I had to try it. It was easier than I thought, and very enjoyable.  I do love making articles for charity.  And Darfur is a very good cause. Just like when I saw the Austermann Step Sock Yarn in Sunset Fairisle at Alpaca Direct, I knew I wanted to try it.  Since it was on sale, and I needed just that amount for their free shipping, the timing seemed right. The yarn... (Read More ...)