Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Barbara wants to know how does she find the right pattern row after ripping out a lot?  She’s feeling frustrated with following a chart. Great question! And Barbara, congratulations on stretching yourself to try what sounds like a complex knitting chart! Been there, done that!  When starting to knit lace or any pattern with a knitting chart, it’s easy to get lost.  Especially when knitting with interruptions or to relieve stress. Some charts have over 20 rows of knitting in the pattern repeat.  Yikes! Is it any wonder knitters get frustrated? Many lace knitting instructions suggest... (Read More ...)

This week I was wondering what to include in the next episode of my how to knit videos. While finishing knitting my shawl, inspiration struck – in the form of a bind off especially nice for some lace knitting.  While doing the picot edge bind off, I realized it’s actually two techniques in one. It is a combination of the cable cast on and a traditional bind off. You start with the cable cast on. The cable cast on can be used as an initial cast on.  Usually though it’s used when you need to add stitches to an existing row. I explain the cable cast on in two tutorials.  One for... (Read More ...)

  My mother never considered herself a knitter. If you asked her, she’d say she sewed, quilted, and crocheted.  She did many other things, including some knitting. As Mother’s Day 2011 approaches, I decided to look at the baby set she knit for me.  I haven’t looked at it in several years.  I recalled vaguely the knitting patterns included lace, although I wasn’t quite sure about it.  And I’m not sure I ever really studied it. Well, was I surprised! It’s a diagonal lace knitting pattern.  The cap is knit in one piece, with two seams going partway up the back.  The sweater... (Read More ...)

The first time I knit lace, I didn’t know it was lace. Good thing too, because I’m sure the idea of lace knitting would have stopped me. Not that it seemed too hard. No, at the time I associated lace knitting with doilies and  lace collars & cuffs on elderly relatives. 😉 Image via Wikipedia My first lace project? An afghan for an elderly friend. With that simple lace pattern, I became fascinated with using increases and decreases to create patterns in the knitted fabric. In other words: I discovered lace knitting. As a first project, an afghan is not the wisest choice. Even... (Read More ...)

I used to think I was allergic to wool. Every time I used it, my fingers would itch and it felt very scratchy. 🙁 More recently, though I’ve found it’s not the wool: it’s the processing!  Some processed fibers still are too scratchy, but the lesser processed fibers work just fine.  Good thing too, or I wouldn’t have been able to finish my latest project. Here’s what’s left of two balls of handspun that wasn’t dyed. It’s from Brown Sheep Mills mill end roving, and is very soft to knit. Homespun yarn natural colors It was a real pleasure to knit... (Read More ...)

When I read about a bride’s purse in Knitting Daily, I knew I wanted to try its free knitting instructions. However, I didn’t have enough white crochet thread, and the correct size needles were in use for socks I started a while back. I did, however, have a purse I’d started which was sitting on a shelf. Sitting alone because I found it too hard to knit. Not wanting to give up on crochet thread, the Knitting Daily pattern was just what I needed to try again. Knitting with 2 strands crochet thread I like the way the two colors of crochet cotton blended, and wanted to use them.... (Read More ...)