Saturday, November 18, 2017
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This week I was wondering what to include in the next episode of my how to knit videos. While finishing knitting my shawl, inspiration struck – in the form of a bind off especially nice for some lace knitting.  While doing the picot edge bind off, I realized it’s actually two techniques in one. It is a combination of the cable cast on and a traditional bind off. You start with the cable cast on. The cable cast on can be used as an initial cast on.  Usually though it’s used when you need to add stitches to an existing row. I explain the cable cast on in two tutorials.  One for... (Read More ...)

Why should you learn to knit left-handed — or right-handed if you’re left-handed? A few years ago, I had the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative. One who had undergone surgery, immobilizing his left hand and wrist.  After a couple of days, he became increasingly frustrated and irritated. You see, he was forced to use his right hand to do everyday tasks.  Even simple tasks like drinking from a glass or eating became a major chore. Why? Because he’s left-hand dominant, and his left hand was immobilized. So suddenly he was forced to do everything right-handed! When I... (Read More ...)

Recently Jen shared her knitting experience with me.  I found it interesting and thought you might enjoy it as well. For years, Jen longed to learn to knit.  She took classes, and tried all the different techniques she could find.  Each time, eagerly looking forward to learning to knit, Jen left each course disappointed and feeling like a failure.  The classes just weren’t teaching her in a way that she could learn successfully. Until . . . One day she talked to the right person.  A knitter asked her one question that changed everything: “Have you tried left-handed knitting?”   Jen’s... (Read More ...)