Sunday, November 19, 2017
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How To Knit Videos: What Is an Easy Knit Cast On For Beginners? Wondering how to cast on easily and quickly? Or maybe you’d like to just have options for your cast ons? Why should knitters have more than one way to cast on? Some yarns work better with one cast on over another. Some first rows are easier with one cast on over another. Sometimes you want a certain look to the cast on edge. Sometimes you just feel like a different cast on or a pattern calls for a certain one. Sometimes “just because” without any other reason. An easy cast on is to simply knit your stitches right... (Read More ...)

After Pat lost her vision, she continued knitting. Her specialty was baby blankets.  She knit them for friends . . .family . . .and her church members.  Welcoming each new addition with a soft cuddly blanket. Looking at her work you’d never know she was blind.  Plus she continued to knit after recovering from a major heart attack. Inspirational stories warm the heart . . . Seeing how someone with what the world considers disabilities can overcome them and create treasures is inspiring. And sometimes just the added push I need to complete a project.  My current project is a hat.     My... (Read More ...)

Some time ago I noted my left thumb aching . . .especially after knitting. While it cleared up after stopping knitting, it bothered me. First of all, who wants to give up knitting?  And second, I didn’t want it to be anything serious . . .like a repetitive stress injury. I noticed it when I was more stressed than usual. My caregiving activities were at an all-time high, among other things . . . Because I wanted to know if I could fix it by changing what I was doing, I started closely watching how I knit. I first noted the discomfort while knitting a 1×1 ribbing.  At the time I knit... (Read More ...)