Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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The editors of Healthline.com nominated ‘Caregiving With Purpose’ for their “Best Health Blog of 2012” contest.  This is recognition for the quality of the information in the blog and for the needs of caregivers. ‘Caregiving With Purpose’ is the sister blog of The Knitting Yarn. Think this doesn’t affect you?  Then consider this… “There are only four kinds of people in the world – Those who have been caregivers Those who currently are caregivers Those who will be caregivers, And those who will need caregivers.” – Rosalynn Carter Number 4 could... (Read More ...)

Some time ago I noted my left thumb aching . . .especially after knitting. While it cleared up after stopping knitting, it bothered me. First of all, who wants to give up knitting?  And second, I didn’t want it to be anything serious . . .like a repetitive stress injury. I noticed it when I was more stressed than usual. My caregiving activities were at an all-time high, among other things . . . Because I wanted to know if I could fix it by changing what I was doing, I started closely watching how I knit. I first noted the discomfort while knitting a 1×1 ribbing.  At the time I knit... (Read More ...)

If scrubbies are a kind of dishcloth, tawashi are a kind of scrubbie. So yes, they are related. Traditional tawashi are Japanese scrub brushes.  Among knitters and crocheters, tawashi often means a special kind of scrubbie. Tawashi are usually made of acrylic yarn.  The combination of acrylic yarn and garter stitch ridges makes scrubbing easier.  Tawashi usually don’t scratch surfaces. Even though acrylic is manufactured, acrylic tawashi are also known as eco-tawashi.  Why? Well, because they need less soap — or even none — to work. They are too harsh for delicate skin, though! Tribble... (Read More ...)

I remember watching one of my aunts knit and crochet. When I saw her — usually at a family reunion — she had a smile on her face.  And it didn’t take much to get her to laugh. Although many would have considered her life challenging she always seemed joyful.  She knit and crocheted some of the most beautiful pieces . . . Image via Wikipedia When I think of the knitters and crocheters I’ve known over the years, many of them also seem to go through life happy and at peace.  I’ve often wondered if they knitted or crocheted because of its calming effects — or... (Read More ...)

  Knitting three dimensional projects like socks is fun. In the case of knitting socks the fine yarn and thin needles are challenging when you first start to knit socks . . .even if you’ve been knitting for years! My first socks were knit on five double pointed needles. Image via Wikipedia For simple patterns, such as stockinette or ribbing, I had no problems.  My most recent sock project was, however, lace socks. I used WendyKnits’ free Sprucey Lucy sock pattern. The first sock I knit with my trusty double pointed needles.  They’re bamboo, and I have knit several projects... (Read More ...)

Image by beccaplusmolly via Flickr When I was a kid, often our Christmas stockings had individually wrapped gifts. Each gift might be small, but it was exciting to open them!  And it was only later we realized Santa used the wrapping paper my mother carefully saved from presents the year before. Santa was thrifty! And those Christmas stocking stuffers were often something we could enjoy for more than just a moment or two. I remember practical gifts, such as socks and Chapsticks.  I don’t ever recall feeling deprived of toys, although many of today’s children might feel that way. You... (Read More ...)

Hanging Christmas stockings is a tradition in many homes. Sometimes the children hang them, and sometimes Santa Claus or St. Nicholas brings them on Christmas Eve.  In some countries, children leave out a boot or a wooden shoe instead of stockings. The origin of Christmas stockings has several variations.  Most involve St. Nicholas, a poor man, and his three daughters. Do you know the Legend of Christmas Stockings? According to tradition, long ago a penniless nobleman was concerned about his three beautiful daughters.  His wife had died.  After her death he became despondent, losing his inheritance... (Read More ...)

Why should you learn to knit left-handed — or right-handed if you’re left-handed? A few years ago, I had the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative. One who had undergone surgery, immobilizing his left hand and wrist.  After a couple of days, he became increasingly frustrated and irritated. You see, he was forced to use his right hand to do everyday tasks.  Even simple tasks like drinking from a glass or eating became a major chore. Why? Because he’s left-hand dominant, and his left hand was immobilized. So suddenly he was forced to do everything right-handed! When I... (Read More ...)

Remember the childhood excitement of Christmas? Being so excited you were sure you wouldn’t sleep? And suddenly waking before dawn, ready to see what Santa brought in your Christmas stocking? Maybe even under the Christmas stockings. In good times, sometimes it’s easy to forget that simple is exciting too. This year many folks are considering cutting back for the holidays. When thinking of simple Christmases, I think first of the Christmas Laura and Mary spent in Kansas Territory in Little House on the Prairie. Image via Wikipedia Their home was small, and isolated from their neighbors.... (Read More ...)

When my friend Erika asked if I could design a Christmas stocking, I thought, “Why not?” Why let something small—like never having knit one before—stop a knitting project? Deciding to start at the beginning with some basic research, I plowed into the project.  After studying Christmas stockings’ construction, I decided it wouldn’t be any harder than knitting socks.  And was pleasantly surprised to find they were easier to knit than I thought.                         So just how do you make Christmas stockings? Knitting... (Read More ...)