Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Where is Caregiving With Purpose?

Caregiving With Purpose Has Moved!


Girl sitting on floorCaregiving is a journey, and it has different stops and starts. Just like life.


And this year, life threw me a curve ball. Far from complaining, I’m embracing it. And with it has come some changes in my life, my caregiving and my business.


Caregiving With Purpose is a blog I loved to write, helping others more than survive caregiving.


Unfortunately, there is a cost in time, effort and resources to write and maintain a blog, which I am no longer able to maintain myself. Last year I was unable to secure corporate sponsorship, which would have allowed the blog to continue.


For now, you can find posts and a video on the Facebook Page Caregiving Heroes. (Just click on the link to get there). You can contact me through my Facebook Page.


You’re also welcome to explore The Knitting Yarn, if you’re interested in knitting.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are happy and healthy!!